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Charities and Good Causes

We believe that businesses ought to be socially responsible. For that reason, we will consider waiving all fees for any development services rendered to registered charities and other 'deserving' causes, provided we have the time and that we consider that such requests for our help are reasonable.

Of course, we can't offer free services unconditionally, as we are a business and we have to earn a living, but we will try our best to help your charity as far as we can.

 Please review our criteria for help, or call us, if you are unsure. Also, we may not be able to fulfil your requirement immediately.

So, if you are a charity and have need of any development service, such as a bespoke application, a database or web site, please contact us, and we will try our best to help you.

Our Criteria for Help

  • We cannot do any work that will take an unreasonable length of time or is unreasonably large
  • We must have the time available to do carry out the work
  • We will not do any work for religious groups, political pressure groups or political parties
  • Requests should come from properly registered charities or trusts
  • The acceptance or refusal of requests is entirely at our own discretion